c天空票与你同行Match your portfolio of ranging customers with our wide selection of hand dryers.

c天空票与你同行Stock your inventory with hand dryers that will move off your shelf and keep customers coming back to your store. Our robust selection will cover your client spectrum, from the corner shops who want something clean and simple to the big box retail stores that want vandal-resistant, powerful models.

Your reputation rests on ours

c天空票与你同行Value should be something you can always rely on, just like a brand. Our value is part of our DNA, our business, and our products. It’s not a limited-time offer or something that fades. Customers trust us because we solve for their needs. Our products last longer than the competition and cost less over the life of product. We stand behind our brand and our portfolio to deliver value, so you can do the exact same.

A World of difference

c天空票与你同行You want a manufacturer that adheres to compliance in Canada, understands a business customer overseas and ships all over. With 3000-plus distributors worldwide, our hand dryers range as much in selection as the places and customers you serve. We’ll walk you through the specs, certifications and performance capabilities. Plus, we equip all orders with installation guidelines and every part included in one organized package.

No matter where you are, we’ll support you.


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