About Us

Where the vision becomes reality

Our world started in 1951, just a few years after the first hand dryer came to be. While much has evolved since our start, we’re the same company at our core. We advance our products for our customers. We’re not about innovating for innovation sake or aim to be first for the bragging rights. World Dryer is now part of the product portfolio.

There will always be another way to improve the user experience and maximize the restroom space. We’ve solved those scenarios in the past (quieter, faster operation, compliance, sanitation, lowest cost of ownership). We know we’ll do it again and outsmart our previous solutions.

c天空票与你同行 Our vision becomes a reality once it’s in arm’s reach of our customers and their patrons.


c天空票与你同行We’re on a never-ending mission to build solutions upon our customers’ challenges and insights without compromising the pillars of safety, sanitation, performance and compliance.

c天空票与你同行“At World Dryer, we engineer products that revolve around our customers and their users. The features that matter to them are the ones we focus on improving. It’s as simple, and challenging, as that.”

Sean Martin, General Manager, World Dryer
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